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3 Frame Standard deep or 4 frame medium Nucs available – local 1 year old queens with their own brood & bees, naturally bred,- $150 – email Lynn at – (ad posted April 26, 2018)


Flying Dutchman Bee Supplies  bees supplies (call for information on  Nucs, Queens and Packages)


Hand-crafted hive products: high quality, assembled woodenware at prices that compare with mass-produced unassembled parts. Made here on Vancouver Island from locally-sourced pine, and are in stock now! Prices include two coats of bee-friendly Tung Oil, or sanded and ready for you to paint or stain. Screened bottom boards $35; Honey Supers $18; Notch-vented Inner Cover $18; Telescoping Outer Cover w/ metal top $35; Escape Board (for honey harvesting) $35; Double-screen (Snelgrove) Board $35. 8-frame and custom parts also available. Not just hive parts, it’s Bee Furniture! Call Mark at (250) 802-3991 or email


bee hive structure